Diwali Gifts for Corporates

Millions of people across the globe celebrate the festival of Diwali in Autumn. Sikhs, Jains, and Hindus observe this holiday as a sign of commemorating the triumph of light over darkness. During this time, people pray and give each other gifts with the theme of Diwali.

During the festival, it is polite to give co-workers gifts as well. Diwali gifts for corporates can range from simple table decorations to elaborate wall art. If you want to give your boss a Diwali gift, there are many items to choose from.

Here are some of the best Diwali Gifts for Corporates that you can give your employees, co-workers, and superiors:

1. Diwali Basket of Surprises

A basket of surprises usually includes dry fruit, chocolates, tea, and an idol of Lakshmi or Ganesha. It serves as a decorative addition to an office space, as well as a treat basket for clients and co-workers.

2. Tea and Treat Basket

Diwali Festivals use tea as their main beverage. Visiting one’s house during Diwali will most surely include a basket full of Diwali treats like pastries and tea to wash it all down.

3. Divine Peace Statue

The Divine Peace statue is a staple in many homes in India, but it can also serve a purpose in an intense workplace. The office might need some peace at times, especially during peak business season.

4. Dry Fruit Hamper

A dry fruit hamper is a beautiful item that displays dry fruits during Diwali. Even after the festival, it can be used as a decorative platter for other items, like gems, stones, and even flowers.

5. Gold and Silver Bowls

Gold and Silver Bowls signify light and wealth. They are great decorations for offices, which usually contain dreary items. A pair of these bowls will lighten up the place and bring wealth and prosperity to one’s business.

6. Ganesha Table Statues

Ganesha table statues are also common in many homes. It represents wisdom. A gift life this will enlighten people inside the office and offer productivity and peace of mind for people in the room.

7. Potli Bags for Health

Potli Bags are filled with dry fruit, a staple during the Diwali festival. Decoratively, they are a great accent to any office. Place it on a side table in reception areas for guests. It brings health and wellness to those who partake.

8. Puja Thali

The Puja Thali is a traditional serving set used during Diwali. Even without any food on it, a beautiful piece will accentuate any business setting and exude an air of sophistication and great design.

9. Incense Set

In India, incense burning is a common practice in many houses. It brings in luck, pushes out bad luck, and relaxes those in the home. Your office will thank you for bringing this into spread good vibes and wonderful scents throughout the work day.

10. Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo Plants are common in Asia, including India. They bring wealth and prosperity to those who keep it in their homes and offices. Just make sure to water it every day and keep it alive.

Diwali is indeed a time for giving and it would not hurt to go out of your way to include your co-workers in the wonderful tradition of gift giving. Dry fruit, chocolates, décor – anything is a welcome sight during the festival of lights.